Do You Have Mushrooms In Your Lawn? What Are They? Where Do They Come From? Are They Harmful? How Do You Get Rid Of Them? What Can You Do? Mushroom usually show up after a rainy day or after new … Continue reading

Fall & Winter Prep

As fall approaches, it is important to give the proper maintenance to your lawn, trees, and shrubs!!! Now is the time to start getting your lawn and flower beds ready for the winter. Between now and Halloween your lawn will … Continue reading

Deer-Resistant Plants

  This is a list of plants that we carry or have carried in the past that tend to be more deer-resistant. This does not mean deer-proof, and even the plants on this list will get nibbled on from time … Continue reading


These maps are a good representative of our climate zones. They have been slightly modified over the years so you may notice a difference in where the zones start and end, or minimum temperature ranges on different site maps. Some of the newer zones and … Continue reading

House Plants

Not only do we benefit from outdoor plants, indoor house plants serve a helpful purpose too. By reducing indoor air pollution these benefits can range from cleaner air for better breathing, fighting fatigue and colds, lowering your stress levels, and sharpening your focus which … Continue reading

McPheeters Pick

CREATE A WATERFALL LIKENESS WITH THIS FLOWING ICY BLUE EVERGREEN OR STRIKE AN UPRIGHT POSE! WEEPING BLUE ATLAS CEDAR This superb silver-blue specimen is a great addition for your minimal care garden or use as a striking center piece for … Continue reading

Plant A Tree

There is always a good reason to plant a tree! Here are some of the top reasons planting a tree will benefit you and your home: TREES PROVIDE OXYGEN In one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough … Continue reading

Save The Bees & Butterflies

Climate change, pesticide use, and habitat loss are a few key factors that are contributing to the population decline of pollinators. Bees and Butterflies play a critical role in our everyday life and with a little help from us we can make … Continue reading

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints is here to give you some Helpful Tips around your home and garden. This section is here to educate and provide more information in specific areas. We have also added McPheeters Pick which is a page that will have our … Continue reading

Aerating & Thatching

AERATION: Aerating a lawn is usually recommended when the soil becomes compacted and water and nutrients can’t get to the roots of the plant. Lawn aeration equipment will pull “cores or plugs of soil out of the ground, letting air … Continue reading