If it’s not McPheeters Turf, it’s just grass.

McPheeters Turf cuts sod by PHONE orders only; we need at least about seven to ten days of notice, in the summertime, so that we can cut your sod fresh the day you want it. The more time you give us to schedule, the better we can do to get your sod for you the day you want it. We do not have sod available for same day pick-ups.  Sod can be picked up at the farm, or you can schedule to pick it up in Bend at Instant Landscaping or Landsystems Nursery. Both companies will also deliver your sod to your yard.


We grow three different types of turf:

Advantage Turf:  $0.33/sq. ft.  (Bluegrass/Ryegrass)

Grown for its durability in Central Oregon climate.

Classic Blend Turf:  $0.33/sq. ft.  (Bluegrass/Ryegrass/Fescue)

Great sun and/or shade tolerant variety.        

Turf Type Tall Fescue:  $0.32/sq. ft.

Tough for hot and dry climate, non-manicured look.

Prices listed above are picked up at the farm in Culver.


Call: Instant Landscaping at 541-389-9663 or Landsystems Nursery 541-382-7646 for delivery prices and information about delivery.