These maps are a good representative of our climate zones. They have been slightly modified over the years so you may notice a difference in where the zones start and end, or minimum temperature ranges on different site maps. Some of the newer zones and websites have put us in a zone 6, 6a, or 6b. Do not let this alarm you, follow their zoning guide when using them. We use the old USDA zoning information and consider Central Oregon zones 1-5 and carry a variety of hardy plants and trees acclimated for our area. Our zones tend to offer a 4-7 month growing season, plenty of sunshine, and the chance to grow a variety of fruits, ornamentals, and much more. Hardiness zones are based on annual minimum temperature for each zone.

Hardiness zones indicate the temperature extremes in which a tree can be expected to grow. Please refer to temperature ranges where you are located when choosing plants for your home or project. Choose varieties carefully for cold tolerance. Elevation can play a factor in our area. High gardens get longer, colder winters, and lower temperatures all year.