Bluegrass Seeding

Is Your Lawn Looking More Rough Than Normal or like you have an off-type of grass coming in?

Now is the time of year for your lawn to begin producing seed heads. If you are seeing this in your lawn, don’t think that something is wrong. While it is producing the seed heads, the grass will have a more rough look almost like it is a different type of grass. Don’t panic, this seeding is not a weed or off-type of grass. It is the natural way that grass reproduces and it may last one or two weeks depending upon the weather.

After your lawn has finished producing seed heads you may find that it looks a bit yellow and not very lush like it used to look. If you examine the lawn closely you will see that the yellow is the straw left over from the seed heads. To clear this up and return the lush look you may mow your lawn at the normal height one day and then the next day drop the mower down one setting and mow the lawn again. Afterward return your lawn mower to its original setting. The grass will grow up then and hide the straw that remains and will leave you with the lush green look. This is also a perfect time to fertilize and get your summer watering schedule going for a beautiful, lush green summer lawn!