Fall & Winter Prep

As fall approaches, it is important to give the proper maintenance to your lawn, trees, and shrubs!!!

Now is the time to start getting your lawn and flower beds ready for the winter. Between Labor Day and Halloween your lawn will be ready for these two last feedings of fertilizer; and think ahead to your last mowing being about 2″ high. It is also time to put bark mulch around your plants and shrubs to help hold in the moisture and protect them from the cold.

Your trees will need 25-30 gallons of water every couple of weeks. This should be given all at one time to establish a deep root system. More water less often will give you a beautiful and healthy tree. You should not be watering your trees more than two times a week unless the tree is newly planted. Newly planted trees will need to be watered three times a week. Newly planted smaller potted trees and trees with small root balls will need 15-20 gallons of water each time you water. Newly planted trees with big root balls will need 20-25 gallons of water each time you water. We consider a tree newly planted until it has completed its first summer in your yard.

Your shrubs and plants will need to be watered two to three times a week 5 gallons of water each time. This will ensure a strong root system and healthy plant.

We recommend that you water as long into the year as you can; it is better to freeze wet than dry. If we are not covered in snow or froze up solid, your plants and trees will need water in the winter, every two to three weeks if you can.

Pruning: It is probably time to stop most all pruning. When we run the risk of freezes this time of year, you run the risk of dying back more beyond your fresh cut.

Please keep watering your trees deeply and as long into the fall as you can. If the temperatures stay just right, this will help promote some great fall colors when the daylight hours become shorter in September and October!