Specimen Trees


Must Haul At Time Of Purchase (We do not load on Mondays during irrigating season, due to watering thoroughly on Sundays when we are closed.)

We grow our specimen trees here at the farm, so they are acclimated to our Central Oregon climate. They are a minimum of 2″ caliper on deciduous and 6′ tall on evergreens and have the root ball sizes of 28″, 32″, 36″, or 40″ depending on the size of the tree. You can haul the tree yourself or delivery arrangements can be made with Instant Landscaping.  We dig our trees in January and February (weather depending), and we will try to post availabilities at that time.

Below is a listing of what is currently available in a variety of root ball sizes:

Aspens:  6 – Quaking Aspen – 28″ ball; 6 – Quaking Aspen – 21″ ball

Evergreens:  1 – Lodgepole Pine – 28″ ball; 1 – Ponderosa Pine – 28″ ball

Flowering:  3 – Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorn – 28″ ball, 4 –  Springsnow Crabapple – 28″ ball, 1 – Canada Red Chokecherry – 28″ ball

Maples:  1 – Deborah – 28″ ball

Prices vary by species so come out and take a look!

All B&B (28-40″ diameter root balled) tree varieties available:

28″ ball trees are 2-3″ caliper on deciduous trees and 6-8′ tall on evergreens.

32″ ball trees are 3-3.5″ caliper on deciduous trees and 8-9′ tall on evergreens.

36″ ball trees are 3.5-4″ caliper on deciduous trees and 9-10′ tall on evergreens.

40″ ball trees are over 4″ caliper on deciduous trees and over 10′ tall on evergreens.

We dig our trees in January and February, and this will be the selection to choose from for the entire season. Please call for prices and availability; or stop by the farm to pick out the one that is right for your yard.